what once was

holding on to the

past, wanting what no longer

is.  the winds of change


for a time

i played outside in

the mud, climbing trees.  i went to

school, for a time, lost myself

in love, work, in the

past becoming the future

found love I lost and

then to last and for a time,

was happy as wife, lover,

mother, teacher, friend.

for a time, as grandmother,

each Monday i gave

to Amelia, who now three,

will go to school full

time for a time before she

too will seek to make

her past the future for a time.



sated for the time being

pesto, greens for dinner

sated for the time being.

does hunger ever end?


in real time

what is a moment?

creations are limitless . .

i vow to free them



a time to . . .

sit, to work, to love,

to be silent, to play, to

observe time being